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Let's get Swishing

What is a Swish?

Basically shopping but free! Bring your good quality unwanted clothes & accessories and swap them for some new items to revamp your wardrobe. 

Hate wearing the same dress twice? This is the perfect place to see them go to a good home and pick up some new outfits fit for the ‘gram.  

Struggling to get a wear out of all your baby’s gifted clothes? Bring the ones that didn’t make the cut and take away the sizes you actually need.  

Cut your carbon footprint and feel good about shopping ethically! 

Why Swish?

There are loads of benefits to Swishing…

– It’s a way of getting a whole new wardrobe at zero cost.  

– It’s a good way of clearing out your wardrobe.  

– It’s fun and can be a great way to meet people. 

– It helps the environment. An estimated £140 million worth (around 350,000 tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year (source; It would be much better to see that clothing go to a new home instead. 


Our Swish is accepting good quality new and nearly new items from the following categories: 

– Clothes (except underwear unless new with tags) 
– Shoes  
– Jewellery 
– Accessories (bags, scarves, purses, belts, hats & hair accessories)  

Ladies, menswear, babies’ and children’s are all included in the Swish. 

Please keep within the guidelines to take part and ensure your items qualify for a token in exchange for your donations. All items should be: 

– Clean and ironed or steamed if required 

– In very good condition, without any of the following: 

– Stains 
 – Bobbles 
– Rips or tears 
– Broken zips or parts  

Items can be dropped off in exchange for tokens at The Castle Rooms, Old Mill Road, Uddingston, G71 7PE in the run up to the event: 

– Wednesday 11th March 12pm – 7pm
– Thursday 12th March 9.30am – 5pm
– Friday 13th March 9.30am – 5pm
– Sunday 15th March 9am – 10am 

For each item you contribute you will receive a token to be redeemed on the day against an item of your choice. To keep it simple all items will have the same token value (1 item of clothing = 1 clothing token / 1 accessory = 1 accessory token). If you don’t have enough tokens fear not – you can make a donation to one of our chosen charities in exchange for items. 

In keeping with our sustainability goals we’re asking everyone to bring along their own bags for carrying items.

Let's get Swishing


As if the prospect of swishing isn’t enough, we also have the following exciting attractions lined up for the event: 

 – Our very own Style Guru – on hand to offer advice on trends / fads and suggest some key pieces to suit your lifestyle.  
Alterations advice – our volunteer will be able to demonstrate simple alterations and upcycling ideas. 
Lots of suggestions on what to do with your unwanted clothing & household items – ideas on repurposing items and fun crafts to try with the kids.  
– A facepainter to keep the kids entertained, and the big kids. 
-A cupcake stand – shopping can really build up an appetite!  

All leftover items from the Swish will be donated to local charities.  

There are a couple of tips from the Love Your Clothes campaign that we’d recommend: 

Do a wardrobe audit. Take everything out of your wardrobe (or drawers) and sort into piles:  

– Still wear 
– Needs attention (maybe needs a new button or a hem sewing up) 
– Doesn’t fit 
– Can’t bear to throw out 
– Never again! 



One way to find out what you do (and don’t) wear is to try the hangers method. At the beginning of the year, put all your hangers the same way, and when you wear something, turn that hanger the other way. At the end of the year if you haven’t turned that hanger, it means you haven’t worn that item – so get rid of it! Simple! 


Remember – if you have cleared out items that don’t meet with our Swish requirements you still have lots of options:

– Textile banks are located in a lot of supermarket car parks and accept drop offs 24/7.
– H&M stores accept bags of textiles for recycling and will offer a £5 off voucher in exchange for each bag donated. They accept items with holes / stains etc.
– Cash For Clothes stores offer a small cash rebate for textiles recycled via them. 
– Consider upcycling your items or altering them to hide / patch the stain or tear. We will have volunteers at the Swish giving advice on how to alter your favourite items you can’t bear to part with.
– Repurpose as cleaning clothes, dusters etc. for use around the home. We will have a stand at the Swish dedicated to ideas for textiles past their best so you can have a look out for ideas!


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