Heavenly Creations 2019

2019 was the year of our inaugural Heavenly Creations at Lisini Pub Company! It’s conception came from the desire to both celebrate and challenge our Lisini People and make them think about the food and drink they create, present and serve our wonderful customers on a day to day basis.

We asked each Lisini venue and their Lisini People; Angels Hotel, Dalziel Park Hotel, The Parkville Hotel & The Castle Rooms to come up with their own unique, truly mesmerising food and drink creations to present to their unit manager. From here we would pick the most stand out creations and invite those back to our Final at Dalziel Park Hotel on Thursday 28th November.

The Final

First off we would like to thank every single one of our fabulous Lisini People that took part! There was a huge amount of interest from all venues, with the eventual finalists being chosen based on the uniqueness of their creation. Though this was a difficult decision to make we eventually managed to whittle it down to some truly Heavenly Food and Drinks creations from each venue. 

The final took place at Dalziel Park Hotel on Thursday 28th November 2019. Those chosen to represent their unit were invited to present their Heavenly Creations (both food & drink) to an expert panel of judges from Liquid Academy, Dunns Food & Drinks and The DRAM.

The criteria for judging was based on the following:


The criteria was decided upon by our panel of judges and higher management. Within the hospitality industry these 6 categories are extremely important to both the business and to our customers! So an understanding of these areas is key to the development and growth of our Lisini People.




The Final - continued

To keep things fair and impartial we kept the identity of our chefs a secret – with their dishes being presented and explained by our Group Exec Head Chef, Garry Rae. Our drinks were presented by their creators to show off their bartending knowledge and techniques. 

Each judge was given a scoresheet for every dish and drink that was presented to them, which they would mark using the criteria mentioned before.

After adding up all the scores the votes were in….


Presenting our 2019 Winners



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